termite physical barriers


 It is estimated that termite do as much damage as other natural disasters such as earthquake, fires, floods and more. Even a building slab built to strict standards can sometimes crack, allowing termites to enter your home from beneath, undetected.

Physical Termite Barrier is installed as a termite and moisture barrier underneath or around the perimeter of the slab and around pipe penetrations. This will prevent subterranean termites, capable of fitting through a gap sized 1.5mm, from entering your property.

Termite barriers offer long-lasting protection for your property without the need to continually top it up with additional chemicals.

What is a physical termite barrier?

 A physical termite barrier system is a layer that is placed underneath or around the slab of your home or buildings.

· Termite barriers come in wide sheets which are laid in the same way as a moisture layer before the slab is poured.

· The termite barrier sheets in are overlapped, sealed with adhesive and taped down with a quality cloth tape.

· The termite barrier is laid either with complete coverage beneath the slab or around the perimeter of the slab and pipe penetrations, depending on your property and requirements. This creates a termite prevention barrier which stops termites from infesting the wood of your building or home. 

Legislative Requirement

 Australian Standards 3660.1 states that a physical barrier must be installed into all new building works. This include building a new home or construct a new car port, new shed etc. Any renovation to the existing building which requires the installation of new pipe works will also require to have a physical barrier installed (e.g. renovating a new bath room). 

Product used by BAM Pest and Termite Management

GREENZONE and TERM-SEAL are the product we use for termite physical barrier. 

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