Termite Chemical barrier


What is a termite chemical barrier?

A termite chemical barrier is a chemically treated area that surrounds the perimeter of  a structure. This chemically treated zone acts as a barrier in an effort to disrupt the termites natural path. 

How is termite chemical barrier installed?

 A shallow trench is dug a few centimetres away from the foundation, the chemical is applied to the soil and the trench is covered. This places a chemical barrier between the structure and the termites.   

For concrete/tiled areas, holes are drilled through the concrete/tile from the surface and a special equipment is used to apply chemical through the area to the areas underneath. Once the chemical is applied holes are refilled with the appropriate material.

What chemical is usen

 Termidor is the chemical that we use for our chemical barrier and is currently the best chemical on the market for termite chemical barriers. 

Termites can’t detect Termidor so, as they continue to forage through the soil, they unknowingly come into contact with Termidor. Termidor kills termites through contact and ingestion.

 Another key advantage of termites’ inability to detect Termidor is that they carry it back to the nest on their bodies and pass it on to other termites .  Termidor can control whole termite populations faster than any other treatment, but it is relatively slow-acting in individual termites. This means termites have ample time before dying to spread Termidor to their nest, and the entire colony. 

Who should install termite chemical barrier?

 All existing home-owner who want to protect their home or business from termite infestations should install a chemical barrier. 

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