Termite inspection

Additional Information

Annual termite inspections are essential for early detection of termite activity on the property to prevent the potential for large scale damage and expensive repairs. Inspections also assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests and ways to minimise the risk of attack. Regular inspections help our experts suggest the most effective termite treatment for your property and species of termite that you may be at risk of. A great majority of homes are at risk from termite attack.

It's recommended that a competent pest inspection be completed on an annual basis and, in some cases, more frequently depending on your risk of termites.

If you have seen any of the following signs of termite activity, it is highly recommended that you schedule a termite inspection:

· Papery or hollow sounding timber

· If you can poke a hole in any wooden structure (EG: skirting board)

· Tight fitting doors and windows

· "Sand" or pellets in unexpected places

· Piles of wings near a light

· Termite mud

· Damaging wood

· Live termite

· Mud Tubes

· Swarming

Our Termite Inspection Service

Our Termite Technicians use their experience and the lasted technologies including thermal camera to carry out a comprehensive inspection of your home or business premises. Our inspections:

· Use local knowledge - Where you live is unique: there really is no place like home. Our inspections are carried out by Termite Technicians who not only have on-the-ground experience, but who are required to train continually with in-depth local expertise, so they will always know what’s going on in your area. 

· Provide a comprehensive report - A full written report is provided to you at the completion of every termite inspection. Our Technicians will draw upon knowledge about your area: from the surroundings to the seasons; from the wood types to the weather. After a comprehensive inspection of your entire premises, inside and out, they will provide you with recommendations on the best solution for your individual situation.


Our Comprehensive Termite Inspection has a standardised price of just $180 for ANY size homes