Termite Baiting System


What is a termite baiting system?

 Termite baiting systems are plastic bait stations containing termite baits installed in the ground around the property. Termite baits use small amounts of insecticide to knock out populations of termites foraging in and around the structure. Some baits may even eradicate entire termite colonies. Termite baits consist of paper, cardboard, or other termite food, combined with a slow-acting substance lethal to termites.

The principle of a termite monitoring and baiting system is that termites are intercepted at the monitoring stations before getting to your house. The termite activity in these monitoring stations is picked up by the pest professional during one of their regular system inspections and a bait is then added to the station to control the termites. 

Who should use a termite baiting system?

 Buildings with hard-to-treat construction or chronic retreatment histories are logical candidates for termite baits. Some structures have construction features that interfere with conventional soil treatment methods, such as wells, cisterns, plenums, drainage systems, and inaccessible crawl spaces. With baits, gaining access for treatment is seldom a problem since foraging termites are as likely to encounter below-ground bait stations around the foundation exterior as well as beneath the structure.

Homeowners who do not want floors drilled are good candidates for baits. Baiting requires fewer disruptions than does conventional barrier treatment. Installation and subsequent monitoring of bait stations generally does not even require the technician to come indoors. Noise, drill dust, and similar disruptions associated with conventional treatment are avoided.

Homeowners who are strongly opposed to the use of pesticides around their home are good candidates for baits. Chemically-concerned homeowners may find the concept of baiting more attractive. With baits, the total amount of pesticide applied is small in comparison to  soil barrier treatment.

The Sentricon System

 BAM Pest and Termite Management uses the Sentricon system for our baiting systems. Sentricon is currently the No. 1 Bait System for Termite Control on the market. It is the most extensively tested of all termite control products currently on the market.

The baiting technique employed by the Sentricon System takes advantage of termite biology and behavior. Subterranean worker termites forage for cellulose food sources 24 hours a day. When worker termites find a food source, they leave a pheromone scent trail to summon nest mates. Worker termites chew and digest cellulose, and then regurgitate it to share with other termites in the colony, thus eliminating the entire colony. 

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